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Smiling Made Easy

Natasha always seems to be smiling and laughing. Beautiful smiles, contagious smiles, spontaneous smiles. Her fiance Budlong is smiling too, don’t get me wrong, but this beautiful lady lights up a room or a yoga studio or a State Park – as was the case yesterday.

I can’t wait to photograph the September wedding being held at one of their favorite spots – Eldorado Canyon State Park. Since both are rock climbers it’s the perfect choice, don’t you think?

We hiked around the area looking for backdrops for their Wedding Day Portraits. I know Budlong wanted to be climbing, but there’s always tomorrow for that. Got me thinking though. For him to be in the canyon and not climb would be like me going to DisneyWorld standing on Main Street, not riding anything, just going home. Bummer.

Budlong, I now can feel your pain. Thanks for hanging in there.

One reason for the success of my “storytelling with a camera” style of photography is planning and advance location scouting. Doing this scouting with clients is even better, and a lot more fun. We’ve now got several options for the wedding day, even found a spot in South Boulder Creek for the family portraits. Yup, a spot IN the creek. Check back in late September and I’ll let you know if everyone waded in for a cool photo op… or not.

Did I mention that these snaps were taken on my new iPhone4? Sure a big improvement over the original iPhone that was two and a half years old.

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