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As a lifelong photojournalist I’ve learned to be in the right places at the right times to capture these amazing moments at weddings. They happen in the blink of an eye, absolutely can’t be re-done or posed.

We’re talking about the photographs that really catch your attention, cause you to look twice. They get an emotional response from viewers. They tell the story of the wedding, whereas snapshots or photographs taken by traditional photogaphers, family friends and relatives only show the “look” of the event.

These fine art images really showcase your wedding and anyone viewing them will feel like they’re actually there with you.

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Weddings are emotion events for sure. Brides and grooms are happy yes, but also nervous. Lots to think about, lots of feelings come to the surface. Hearty handshakes and hugs are the order of the day, as are tears of joy and quiet contemplation, smiles and laughter.

Your wedding photography will be downright boring if the photographer doesn’t capture these wonderful moments. Many photographers can shoot the “look” of a wedding, but I succeed at capturing the “feeling” of a wedding.

These photographs capture that special look, the quiet moments, the energy between people and not the traditional posed, “look here, say cheese, and smile” pictures offered by others.

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The day is all about YOU. Friends and family are coming from near and far to join in the celebration of your wedding. It’s arguably the biggest day in your life and it should be recorded with quality photography, don’t you think?

These photographs will always bring back the joy and emotion you felt about each other on your special day. In fact, Father Ken often tells the couples he marries that, “You’re bound to have spats over the years and when you do, stop, get out your wedding album and relive the love felt between you on that day. It’s guaranteed to help smooth over the argument”.

With his advice in mind I urge you to hire a photographer like myself who will capture the love and emotion you’ll be sharing at your wedding – naturally as these photographs do. Not someone who interrupts you by asking you to “look here, smile and say cheese”.

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As brides you invest lots and lots of time (and money) with the details of your wedding don’t you? From the invitations to the bridesmaid gifts; from the center pieces to the bouquets; from the guest favors to the cake design; from the linens to the menu; from the dress and jewelry to the shoes – each plays a part in your wedding.

It’s only right that your photographer take some cool close-up photographs of these. After all, once the day is over, these pictures will be your only reminder of these details.

Part of my “storytelling with a camera” style of photography includes paying attention to, and shooting these details for you. These images fit beautifully into a Storybook Wedding Album, complimenting the photographs.

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Natasha always seems to be smiling and laughing. Beautiful smiles, contagious smiles, spontaneous smiles. Her fiance Budlong is smiling too, don’t get me wrong, but this beautiful lady lights up a room or a yoga studio or a State Park – as was the case yesterday.

I can’t wait to photograph the September wedding being held at one of their favorite spots – Eldorado Canyon State Park. Since both are rock climbers it’s the perfect choice, don’t you think?

We hiked around the area looking for backdrops for their Wedding Day Portraits. I know Budlong wanted to be climbing, but there’s always tomorrow for that. Got me thinking though. For him to be in the canyon and not climb would be like me going to DisneyWorld standing on Main Street, not riding anything, just going home. Bummer.

Budlong, I now can feel your pain. Thanks for hanging in there.

One reason for the success of my “storytelling with a camera” style of photography is planning and advance location scouting. Doing this scouting with clients is even better, and a lot more fun. We’ve now got several options for the wedding day, even found a spot in South Boulder Creek for the family portraits. Yup, a spot IN the creek. Check back in late September and I’ll let you know if everyone waded in for a cool photo op… or not.

Did I mention that these snaps were taken on my new iPhone4? Sure a big improvement over the original iPhone that was two and a half years old.

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